Two of my stories are among the exhibits at Newseum, the world’s biggest museum of Newspapers

One of them is on Kalpana Chawla, who graduated from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, which is also my alma matter, which grants a certain distinctiveness to this obituary.


Stories (being updated)

Project Syndicate

Bangkok Post

Times of India

Hindustan Times


The Indian Express


The Nation



Details of stories…


Project Syndicate: Making Newspapers Great Again

Bangkok Post: Your food waste can power a thousand (or more) lightbulbs

ReliefWeb: When Disasters strike, Satellites come calling

Daily O: Remembering Kuldip Nayar, an uncompromising editor, a conscience-keeper and India-Pakistan peacenik

The Nation:

Is Trump Scaring Away International Students?


Dawn: When Indira Gandhi was unseated by the judiciary

Daily O: Dipa, Usha, Milkha: Is India in love with the 4th place at Olympics?

What climate negotiators in Paris forgot – 10 reasons why Trump is an extreme event

A to Z of Punjab, politics and polls


Delhi homeowners shut doors on Muslim tenants: UN varsity study

Why Ram Mohammad Singh Azad, and not Taimur, is the best Indian name

How demonetisation could stop Indian students from studying abroad

Why is Manmohan’s Sri Sri connection important for White House?

Why it’s hard to believe a meteorite killed Tamil Nadu man

Francois Hollande’s visit to Chandigarh’s Rock Garden will evoke memories of India’s Partition


Sundar Pichai is from IIT, routine or surprising?

Why Indian submission at Paris Climate Change Conference is unique

Hark world leaders! Pole-to-Paris mission spreads message on climate change

Why US is seeing a 30 per cent jump in Indian students

Is that Ravana guarding the Thailand airport?

India and China must not take Paris Climate Conference lightly 

Thailand’s Museum of Corruption shames everyone, and no one

Punjab’s Malerkotla memorial symbolises the violent divide over meat ban

When Vajpayee got Nawaz Sharif to speak to Dilip Kumar

Why we need to worry about the Grey Wolves of Turkey

How social media ‘sleuths’ are killing the Bangkok bombings probe

Bangkok bombings: An internal conspiracy or external terror?

Spock’s Indian Connect: The Sikh Diaspora Again

Spice of life: Remembering five-point-five someone


Change head!!8 Indians pale in comparison with 163 Chinese in list of highly-cited researchers

Thailand’s Indians hope for stability, peace after coup

Cracking the ranking code

Pritam Singh lone Punjabi winner in Singapore elections 

Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew’s Punjab link


Wheat selling below support price, puts govt in a quandary

Food prices could decline as global rice output grows by 1%

Former Punjab CM Amarinder expelled from assembly

Haryana, Punjab in face-off over Sikh shrines

PepsiCo to roll out weather insurance for farmers in 10 states

Akali Dal delinks nuke pact from trust vote, to go with NDA

Punjab short of hands

India’s food bowl to get limited waiver benefits

Labour scarcity promotes use of transplanters in Punjab

For India’s cotton farmers, early rains could spell disaster

India could be net importer by 2020

No ray of hope as paddy sowing costs shoot up in Punjab

Novel based on the life of CPM’s Surjeet may kick up a storm

Rains hit Himachal’s apple crop

Colder and longer winter boosts wheat production in Punjab

In rural Punjab, drinking water is becoming a silent killer: study

BJP tries to expand reach in rural Punjab, goes up against Akali Dal


Someone is reading your email


Spring in the autumn of the patriarch


Clash of the titans

Who is a Sikh?


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