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Some of my stories

  1. Cold and longer winter boosts wheat production in Punjab (May 2008) http://goo.gl/T2rF8e
  2. Rains hit Himachal’s apple crop (May 2008) http://goo.gl/R89zEg
  3. In rural Punjab, drinking water is becoming a silent killer  (May 2008) http://goo.gl/ahkfbw
  4. BJP tries to expand reach in rural Punjab, goes against Akali Dal (May 2008) http://goo.gl/88I1N4
  5. Novel based on the life of CPM’s Surjeet may kick up a storm (June 2008) http://goo.gl/Gjee34
  6. No ray of hope as padding sowing costs shoot up in Punjab (June 2008) http://goo.gl/RkYpSX
  7. Political storm over government price for paddy (June 2008) http://goo.gl/LGvQsj
  8. Rice price: TN decides to go politically correct (June 2008) http://goo.gl/ECM9XL
  9. India could be net importer by 2020 (June 2008) http://goo.gl/f0OV19
  10. For India’s cotton farmers, early rains could spell disaster (June 2008) http://goo.gl/7zybs1
  11. Labour scarcity promotes the use of transplanters in Punjab (June 2008) http://goo.gl/KANvQI
  12. India’s food bowl to get limited waiver benefits (June 2008) http://goo.gl/K8exSs
  13. Weather-based scheme fails to enthuse farmers (July 2008) http://goo.gl/3s8Rfl
  14. Akali Dal delinks nuke pact from trust vote, to go with NDA (July 2008) http://goo.gl/q8EYxz
  15. PepsiCo to roll out weather insurance for farmers in 10 states (July 2008) http://goo.gl/O7J9Er
  16. Punjab short of hands (Jul 2008) http://goo.gl/1QC3Su
  17. Haryana, Punjab in face-off over Sikh shrines (Aug 2008) http://goo.gl/fTGjc0
  18. Government hikes support price for cotton; textile lobby upset (Sep 2008) http://goo.gl/xCVQFo
  19. Former Punjab CM Amarinder expelled from assembly (Sep 2008) http://goo.gl/dFVvoH
  20. Food prices could decline as global rice output grows by 1% (Sep 2008) http://goo.gl/r2C1wz
  21. For GFIL investors, a long wait may be over (Oct 2008) http://goo.gl/4xIlR9
  22. Wheat selling below support prince puts government in a quandary (Oct 2008) http://goo.gl/Pk0SD7

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